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A sacramental art, conducted in Badrakali temples in central Travancore, Kerala. Among the art forms of Kerala, which could claim of legacy of our tradition, Padayani has a unique place to claim which was formed with the active participation of ‘Natukuttam’(group of local area which claim legacy in protection of traditional art forms) to embrace the ritual art form. It is presented in front of the people through the embellishment of transcendental, opaque and transparent part of their life to visualize the unquenchable thirst of their life.

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The Legand and Legacy

Bhadrakali , who was wrathful after killing Daruka, had to be calmed down. Lord shiva and Gods tried their best with various art forms, folk arts, parodies and imitation of Kali to make her pacified. Devi while passing through the gopuram had laughed at seeing “kalamezhuttum pattum” (traditional rangoli art form and songs used during ancient sacraments and rites). To make Devi pleased, Nattukuttams started to burn ‘choottu’(a torch made of dried coconut leaves) with the sound of ‘tappu’ (a type of local drum) and danced with the ‘kolam’(the traditional costume of Padayani). Since then, under karanathans (the leaders of local land) leadership, Padayani concerned as the ritual art form.

Kottangal Padayani

On Bharani (astrological day) in Dhanu (a month according to saka calendar) the renounced Kottangal Padayani starts with ‘choottu kathikal’ (a burning torch made up of dried coconut leaves) and ends by Makara Bharani. The lands Kottangal and Kulathoor conduct Padayani with Pulavrutham(a traditional ritual song of Padayani) as the representative member of Kottangal pulikkal place burn choottu for Padayani. The following days will be busy with maraviteerkkal (polishing and cleaning of costumes). On Bharani, the devotes who wish to conduct sacraments and kolams seek permission from karanathans, After burning 28 padayanis, chuutu collection for Padayani starts with rules and rituals. By the time thappu covering, chatta (the basic or inner structural costume for padayani kolam) making etc would be done.Later 8 padayanis will burn choottu and in Devi temple, leaders of both the lands burn chootu at the Eastern Nada) steps from temple. From kottangal kara(one of the dominant lands that leads Padayani) family members from kadoor burn choottu

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